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Move by Family Corp

Move, developed by Family Corp, is a comprehensive mobile application that offers a wide range of mobility solutions for various purposes. Whether you need to commute to work or school, Move provides a convenient and efficient means of transportation. With its user-friendly interface, Move allows users to easily navigate and plan their journeys, ensuring a seamless travel experience. From real-time route optimization to accurate arrival time estimations, Move prioritizes efficiency and reliability.

There are currently 2 version of the Move: Commute App and Schools App.

Commute App

Move’s Commute app provides organizations with the most convenient and reliable commuting services. With the app, companies can create custom routes tailored to their organization’s needs, set up payment schemes such as weekly or monthly bundle subscriptions, and communicate directly with other members of the company about upcoming changes or updates. This helps create an efficient commuter experience that meets everyone’s expectations.

Schools App

Move’s School app is designed to simplify the daily commute for students, parents, and schools alike. Our app offers a range of features to streamline the transportation process. Enjoy the ease of selecting pick-up and drop-off locations, ensuring efficient routes and reduced travel times. Stay informed with real-time notifications, keeping parents updated on the arrival and departure of buses. With our app schools and parents can experience a reliable and efficient school transportation.

Download Move today and experience its full suite of features for all your transportation needs.