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Oct 12 2015

Family Transport

Family Transport is Family Corp’s bus division. We provide our clients with any number of dedicated busses that transport their employees, and their employees only. We offer a wide selection of bus brands, such as Mercedes, Mitsubishi and Toyota; and sizes, ranging from 14 to 52-passenger buses.

Safety and Comfort form the pillars of our client experience. Our drivers are well trained to provide a soothing experience for our passengers during trips, as well as ensuring their safety in unfortunate circumstances. Our buses are also equipped with an optional WI-FI option, as well as screens, as a means of entertainment for our valued passengers.

Rent a bus

Rent-a-bus by Family Corp. offers a wide range vehicles with different sizes that are suited for individuals, small groups and entire companies. You can book your bus to anywhere in Egypt and back and benefit from our top of the line amenities, fair pricing and experienced drivers. To rent a bus, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Family Cargo

Family Cargo is Family Corp.’s trucking division. We provide our clients with any number of dedicated trucks that transport their goods exclusively. Our offering covers all truck sizes: from 1.5 tons up to 60 tons. All trucks, tanks and trailers are regularly checked-up in our central service center.

Our drivers are qualified to maintain both safety and pre-set schedules.

Truck On Demand

Truck On Demand is executed on a first come, first serve (FCFS) basis. The client is charged “per transport”. The prices are calculated based on each destination. As a result, this pool of trucks is not dedicated to a single client, nor branded. Truck On Demand is a good alternative for low-volumes clients.

Family Car Rental

Our passenger vehicle offering ranges in size, luxury and even power in order to fit our clients’ requirements. We are able to offer this service both with a chauffeur and without.

A number of backup vehicles are always ready as a replacement in the case of an unexpected circumstance, ensuring our clients’ convenience.

Follow-up and Staff

All of our vehicles are equipped with a GPS system, which gives us the ability to track the location of our buses and trucks in different sectors during working hours and beyond. This technology is paired with a number of planners, supervisors and maintenance teams that make sure that our service is being executed properly, with the highest level of quality.

We also have the aptitude of updating our client with instant information concerning the status of their employees and/or goods. Our staff team is competent and trained to deal with time constraints, dedicating their efforts to satisfy our client's requirements, while also maintaining the safety of the passengers and/or goods they are delivering.